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Since 1929 we have marketed a vast range of products. Please understand not all products are in stock for immediate shipment everyday. Our Policy Information and intention is to help you identify the product you need and explain all the options available to you to buy the product economically and efficiently. Please understand we operate normal business hours, Eastern USA time zone.

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About Norman Shatz Company USA


The Norman Shatz Company was established in 1929 as a full-service sales and distribution Company catering to the flourishing apparel industry in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia was a major apparel manufacturing and design center. The Shatz Company started with a variety of trim and notions such as buttons, buckles and narrow trimming for many well-known brand names which were established in Philadelphia.

During World War II, the company expanded with the growing knitting industry in Philadelphia and the South. The Company’s expertise widened to service specialty manufacturers making items such as sweaters, knitted outerwear, knitted swimwear and underwear.

Substantial expansion materialized in the post-World War II years. The Company was an active supplier-member in the National Knitted Sportswear Association. In the 1950’s and 1960’s as the apparel industry expanded to the south and mid-west., the Company business-to-business pursued catalog marketing throughout the USA. The Company was a leader in catalog marketing during this period through its distribution of tens of thousands of catalogs to sewing factories throughout the United States.

Many years of catalog distribution built the name recognition and reputation of the Norman Shatz Company. In the 1970’s and 1980’s as the industry changed again, the company evolved into a full service supply company to nationally known manufacturers throughout the United States.

Nationally known brand manufacturers required more specialized products and better management of the supply chain of those products. The company pioneered high-quality customer service. With which manufacturers could depend upon the vendor for accurate record-keeping of exact styles of trim, notions, and finding.

Today the company maintains thousands of active accounts throughout the world. The demand of International supply is greater than ever, therefore these products are sourced and distributed to many locations. Mostly in a Global Manufacturing Environment.



Any Reasonable requests for most samples are sent no charge via USPS or UPS ground.

Not all samples are available at all times. If the actual sample is not available in color illustrations, we can send photos or scans that show more detail and an actual size. Please contact us any time at 800-292-0292 with you specific requests.

Faster service for samples is available via your UPS or FEDEX AIR ACCOUNT.


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