Baby Yap Yap Custom Printed Satin Label

Baby Yap Yap Custom Printed Satin Label

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Actual Size: 1-1/4" x 3-1/2"

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Satin woven labels are very soft and shiny and can have more of a softer vintage look.

Satin polyester threads weave the background, while regular damask polyester threads are used to weave the text and design on your label.

Most people who choose satin prefer the look and feel of the satin weave over the damask. Satin labels are great for infant apparel or vintage inspired clothing or accessories or if you would just like a soft look to your label.

These labels do not weave small details and lettering as well as damask labels. If you want a label with lots of color and detail, satin woven labels might not be right for you, as you are limited in background color options.