White Polyester Shock Cord

White Polyester Shock Cord

This Polyester Shock Cord won't let you down when it comes to strength, stretch, or longevity.

Need industrial amounts of bungee? Our shock cord more than has you covered.

Marine Grade Polyester Shock/Bungee Cord's proprietary design and construction method makes it ideal for prolonged exposure to moisture, sunlight/UV radiation, and the general wear and tear you put your shock cord through.

Made of the 1000 Denier dacron polyester cover is thick and long-lasting, repelling water and resisting abrasion better than nylon. Made from top-quality first extruded latex rubber, this bungee has a consistent 100% stretch and is high module that won't lose its elasticity like many other cords on the market.

Available in widths of:                    Lengths of:

  • 1/8"                                                          •  10'
  • 3/16"                                                        •  25'
  • 1/4"                                                          •  50' and +

This Marine Grade Polyester Shock/Bungee Cord comes on a convenient spool, or cut to length coils for easy storage and use. USA Made.